Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Island Jobs

Our Class is pretending that we have a imaginary island and we are trying to see what jobs we could take up if we were living on the island I think that I would be good at:

-an assistant mayor or maybe on the Island council because of my great leadership skills

-maybe a advertiser because I am quite a persuasive person

thanks for all the time you have taken to read this

What To Do With an Island That Has Uranium on It

Uranium is one of the ingredients needed in nuclear weapons, power and other things that nuclear stuff supplies. Say we found a island with nothing on it but forest and then we get there to find that it is covered in uranium (well under neath the ground) and we can't decide what to do with it. Maybe mine it and sell it for $44.00 a pound or just use it for our selfs. I personally don't like to be selfish so I would go for no.1 but then is it worth it. 

Save Our Earth Before Polusion Takes Over

To all that are reading this, I urge that we all try to protect the earth by:

- reducing reusing and recycling and not filling up the land fills.

-stop using the amount of power we use because power stations effect global warming the most. (check the post above)

-and start to use wind power or other related and good for the environment

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eco System (Greenhouse Gases) /oml631csgjs7/6k2336/globalwarming2.jpg
This is a pie graph of how we effect Global Warming. Waste disposal and treatment got a good 3.4%, land use and biomass burning got 10.0%, residential, commercial,and other sources got an average 10.3 %, fossil fuel retrieval, processing and distribution got a bit higher with 11.3%, agricultural byproducts with a bit of a change 12.5%, transportation fuels another decent change 14.0% industrial processes with 16.8%, power stations gets the worst with 21.3% now to the green house effect the reason global warming is happening is because the suns rays (a combination of heat and light) gets through the the top of the atmosphere hits the earth and then can't escape this is making the poles melt and the sea level rise.