Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eco System (Greenhouse Gases)

https://knol.google.com/k/-/- /oml631csgjs7/6k2336/globalwarming2.jpg
This is a pie graph of how we effect Global Warming. Waste disposal and treatment got a good 3.4%, land use and biomass burning got 10.0%, residential, commercial,and other sources got an average 10.3 %, fossil fuel retrieval, processing and distribution got a bit higher with 11.3%, agricultural byproducts with a bit of a change 12.5%, transportation fuels another decent change 14.0% industrial processes with 16.8%, power stations gets the worst with 21.3% now to the green house effect the reason global warming is happening is because the suns rays (a combination of heat and light) gets through the the top of the atmosphere hits the earth and then can't escape this is making the poles melt and the sea level rise.

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