Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco Houses

Hi everybody it's bobby here did you know that an internationally renowned energy expert believes New Zealand could generate all its electricity from renewable sources within twenty years. Wow!!!!!!!!

Eco House are built in such a way that reduces energy consumption and waste. Eco Houses reduce the buildings bad impact on human health and the environment, through better design, construction, siting, operation and maintenance. Eco Houses are a combination of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainable living. Eco houses are designed and built as part of the larger ecology of the planet; the design and construction of the building are done in harmony with the natural environment. Studies have shown that buildings are the most damaging polluters on the planet, consuming over half of all the energy used in developed countries and producing over half of all the climate-changing greenhouse gases. A successful eco house should give the owner the ‘best of both’ by providing less of an impact on the environment along with a healthier place to live and lower ongoing running costs. Eco Bob

Personly I go for Eco. On the Matai island I will stay eco and try to keep it going through my family.


  1. i notice you have a picture from a wind farm... somebody (my dad, he knows all kinds of things) pointed out to me today that the west coast (raglan and the matai islands) has alot of wind so this could be a very realistic energy option!

  2. A very positive message, Bobby. Good luck with your excellent sustainability goal. How will you influence your family without annoying them?
    Please be sure to make your quotes clear using " " and including a reference.
    Well done!