Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jo & Clement's Visit

On Tuesday 2ND June 2009 Some students from SIFE At the university of Waikao It was a very interesting session. Some of the things they talked about were to do with how we effect the globe and how we can do beter to try to protect it. these are some of the notes I recorded:(1) Sustainability has become a complex term that can be applied to almost every system on Earth, particularly the many different levels of biological organization, such as; wetlands, prairies and forests and is expressed in human organization concepts, such as; eco-municipalities, sustainable cities, and human activities and disciplines, such as; sustainable agriculture, sustainable architecture and renewable energy. (2)For humans to live sustainably, the Earth's resources must be used at a rate at which they can be replenished. However, there is now clear scientific evidence that humanity is living unsustainably, and that an unprecedented collective effort is needed to return human use of natural resources to within sustainable limits. They also did some amazing stuf about how we could through out 1/2 of the rubish we could usally throw away WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is fantastic work, you obviously learned alot! well done:)